About Little Bug

Helping Little Companies Get Big With Video

You know when you’re trying to get new leads but you feel like no one can even see you? When you can barely talk about your business properly because you don’t even know what to say? Yeah, we get it, and we help small businesses like you every day. When you need to take your concept, product, or service, and present it to the world, you don’t want to waste time posting, scrambling, or suffering. You want to try a single thing that’s going to make you big. At Little Bug, we’ve got just the thing for you, and we’ll even help you implement your video so you can get that funding, impress those business executives, or make your product or service easy to understand. Corporate giants, beware. Little Bug is here.

These two little bugs started as friends and turned into a creative team to help serve the people they love most.


Kallie runs Tell Tell, where she offers business strategy and copy for rebellious women-led companies. She’s against boring websites and negative self talk. You can check out her work on Medium, or email her to schedule a free chat.

Bob is the founder of Moth Studios, a video production company, where he designs, animates, and edits videos for edTech companies, digital branding, documentaries and mini-docs for social media.